A different way to practice csgo


tldr: add me if you want to play with and against the exact same people around (nova 1 and mg1) consistently.

if you’re looking to play with a group more consistently add me discord: doxxic#1567

also add if you’re level 8+ on faceit or dmg+ in mm, and are interested in commentating nova-mg1 games or are willing to help be coach for nova-mg1 teams

We play 5v5 “with and against” the same group of with around the same rank. (Same as in exact same players.) all the time in private match. We do this to really help with practice and getting better at csgo. We found that when you’re playing competitive mm or faceit or faceit premium, its hard to tell when you’re getting better unless you’re doing very noticeable things like 30 bombs. When we play with and against the same people, its easier to tell if the thing your practice on is working.

We find it more fun to run with and against the same people. The shit talk is better and the games are way closer and fairer. Everyone is around the nova 1 to mg1. We use private servers strictly for practicing, since its the most neutral setting, everyone is around the same level and we’ve played with and against each other multiple times too.

It’s kinda like when you a decent group of friends (15) get together to play basketball. Those type of days and games, are alot better than, you going by yourself and playing with randoms(mm).

It’s kinda like putting ourselves in a hyperbolic chamber, you get to understand how people around your rank think faster. You also get alot better faster, in our opinion

Add me on DISCORD if you like the idea, and would like to try this method as a way to practice, get better at csgo, and probably have more fun

discord : doxxic#1567


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