A griefer. What can I do?


Hy there.

Today i had free 1-2h, so wanted to play some CSGO. So i called my brother, and we started to search for a matchmaking. CS found it pretty fast. The match is starting. We lost the 1st round, we lost the 2nd as well. And guess what? Some random german, from our team said something like “this team is cancer, i’m gonna afk, fuck you”. Just like that, with no reason. No one was toxic, actually it was the beginning of the fkin match. So, after few rounds of being afk, this fag started to grief more (flashing teammates, shooting teammates, not shooting enemies, blocking teammates etc.)

And my question is : What the fk can i do with this fag? I did report him, just like i did with maaaaaaaany many other griefers in my whole “csgo life”. But no one is gonna get ban for a griefing. Overwatchers ALWAYS are like “ohh it has to be a premade match, i won’t report him for a griefing, they are just having fun”.
No, i had no fun at all. I’ve just wasted my time.
Anyways, I really want him to get banned. It’s just too much. There is so many griefers in this game. Even waaaay way more than cheaters.
plx help, tell me what can I do, idk.

Anyways, there is his steam profile :

And here is the MM ID, if you want some prove.