A new fast website to check your FACEIT stats [faceitELO.com]


Whats up guys,

before a month ago my friend who is playing CS:GO with me asked me why websites with Faceit stats have very slow load times … I checked few of them and i saw that they are really poor optimized and probably bad codded. This give me the idea to start building my own website for Faceit stats, which will be faster than all others. I finished website and its pretty fresh right now, so we can say that he is in beta right now. I will keep improving the site every day.

Link to the website: https://faceitelo.com

A new feature what i added to website is that you can compare players. Pretty cool right ? :smiley:

Link to the compare players page: https://faceitelo.com/compare-players.php

There is a feature to see who is currently streaming on Faceit, you can even sort live streams to FPL, FPLC or just click on ALL button and see list with all of them.

There is a more features like, top 100 players from all regions, top elo players in the world etc …

Feel free to contact me at any time if you want to ask me some question, give me some advice or maybe give me the idea for some new feature ? You have contact form on website, dont hesitate to send.

I hope that you guys will like this website.

Cheers, and have a good day! GG WP


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