A site I built for better matching with fellow CSGO players


Hi guys,
I built a site that aims to cut out the randomness of finding new friends to play CSGO with, or any other game you wish to play. The goal is to help users find others who share their goals and motivations in the games they enjoy. It is accomplished through a detailed “looking for friends” posts feature that allows you to express what games you play, how you play them, and what you expect in others around you. Here’s how specific you can get in a post: screenshot. This site isn’t meant to replace any medium. It’s an alternative for people looking for something different.

Anyways, without further ado:

Steam Friends

Any critique is welcome, as this site is going into my web dev portfolio.


I think the design should be flatter, and I think you have some tough competition with sites like http://www.faceit.com etc. but best of luck with your new website :}