Anonymous CS:GO Survey - 2 Gift Card Prizes!(Takes 3 min)


Hello fellow players!

I am conducting a short survey (2-3 minutes to complete) regarding CS:GO player behavior. The survey is anonymous and the information gathered from it will be used for a university course project.

As a thank you for participating in the survey, I am giving out 2 Steam gift cards with a value of 10$ each. The first gift card will be granted to a random participant who completed the survey correctly (no trolling). The second gift card will utilize a referral system and go to the person who referred the most people to our survey. Since this survey is anonymous, if you wish to be considered for one of the prizes, you will be given the opportunity (if you wish, not obligatory) to write down your public Steam community profile URL. There will also be a field where people can write down the URL of the people who referred them.

(DO NOT try to cheat the referral system and make duplicate surveys in order to win. All Steam ID URL entries who use the referral system with the chance of winning a prize will be checked and possibly contacted to verify their legitimacy).

Survey Link -

The survey will end on the 24th of March.


Wow, Nice prize yes i participate in this.