Best hide n seek!


It’s a pleasure for the IDEAS TEAM to launch and share with you, our new HIDE AND SEEK server !!

This server has required one month configuration. We have made unique scripts, for a unique server !

You will probably have to download during 2 or 3 minutes but it is really worth it!

Here, you will play in the SEEKERS team (Cts) or in the HIDERS team (Ts).

The SEEKERS team is composed of only one player at the beginning of the round. (1vALL)

The SEEKERS must search and kill the HIDEARS

When a SEEKERS is killed, he will join the HIDERS team to eliminate all SEEKERS.

It will not be a part of pleasure, whether for SEEKERS or for HIDERS.

Indeed, HIDERS have stuff to counter the SEEKERS : napalm he, smoke, molotov, frozen nades & flashblangs.

But also, the SEEKERS become faster and faster when time goes by !!

In addition, they are also equipped with tagrenades!

The maps contains a lot of hidings, but that’s not all!

This server contains others plugins to make this mode even more fun : Flashlight, Bunny, Whistle, Sounds,
Parachute, DoubleJump, Trampoline, BoostSpeed, Teleporters, Skins, Respawn …


connect It’s very easy to add to your favorites :
depuis steam : Server - Favorites - Add Server - copy paste the IP Adress

We are seekings admins to promote this serv and to ensure the quality and to preserve a good atmosphere.

If you want, add me :