Cadred Style Site - Feature List


What do you want included in the new site?

A few of my musts:

  • XP System was Fun with user ranking, helps to engage the community and encourage activity on the site
  • Filters for specific tournaments with a match ticker with perhaps intergration
  • Filterable Demo Download section, with better UX than on HLTV
  • New replies / topics to be highlighted in a similar way like on cadred.

Add your list!


Working with Blanks atm to see what we can make out of a wordpress CMS to see how much similar functionality we can get out of it. My aims atm are:

  • Simple columned layout with access to active threads/new threads/replies from every page
  • Match ticker integration (with user input hopefully, so teams can add their own)
  • Twitch stream integration
  • Scene news without massive graphics for each article
  • Good forum system with direct replies etc

Atm we’ve got quite a few boxes ticked. It’ll never be cadred, but then that site had its issues anyway.

  • Personally I think rebuilding cadred from the ground up would be like reinventing the wheel when there are good frameworks already out there to build from


I’d suggest keeping to the familiar style of hltv/cadred just so people are instantly comfortable using this

  • small compact fonts
  • most functions accessible from home page
  • active and popular forum post lists
  • home page sign in / results etc

hopefully these things can be achieved via a pre-existing CMS, or with minimal tweaking


Pretty much agree with this. My only thing is we could have the same simple style but without it looking like it is from the 90s. That would be nice. Simple but with a modern touch.


Hi all. Offering my help in anyway I can. As far as hosting goes. If you want to rreduce costs whilst ability for scaling I use AWS at work. About to try out azure. Both should be able to handle whatever tech you end up using.


I’d like to see what Oli and Blanks come up with, I like the domain better aswell for what we want. And in terms of content here goes:

Match Coverage: Like HLTV does, but all the UK team’s games over a certain level, and have available twitch links, if not integration. And keeping demos where possible would be great too.

News: UK events, UK Tournaments, Team News, Patch Notes

Other Things: Twitch stream list of UK players, Twitter list, Community Night (scrims/gathers), an InHouse League for only UK players. Maybe a ranking system of UK teams and certainly roster info, team recruitment thread.


@orcl any designs or visuals for the site completed at all?

Would be good to get an idea for where you are on your project, perhaps this is something we can all contribute to and help fastrack release?


hello all! Thought I would chime in. We are basically on the home stretch now.

We have a list of 5 little things that need changing code/design wise which I will be working on tonight/tomorrow.

Oli is busy getting content ready for launch, getting all the forum topics together and other housekeeping tasks which make a house a home, or a website a community friendly environment (less of a ring to it). He has also been talking to some potential staff which have got in touch via reddit saying they would like to help in certain areas.

We are pretty much on track for a Sunday night launch so long as I don’t drastically break anything whilst blindly hacking away at code (odds currently stand at 50/50).

As far as features go, here is a list of what we have so far:

Match ticker
Online streams list
Probably more that I’ve forgotten about - Oli will no doubt add to this.

Soon after launch I will be working my magic in the CSGO server world and setting up some ranked public servers with a selection of modes and mods - All UK hosted servers for that lovely UK ping, 128 tick as standard.


Nice work on UK CS GO guys, hows it working out in terms of activity and content?

I think you could use some UI improvements like Tom mentioned, but all in all great job!!

Are you still planning on putting together a Dev team to help move the site forward or are you sorted now?



We have someone working on 2.0 of the site already which is still in early stages as he is balancing it with a fulltime job, but progress is being made which should fix a lot of the issues people have mentioned. Hacking away at a pre-made template is always messy and I have put a lot of dirty hacks in place I am neither proud or happy with lol.

Activity wise, we saw a massive boom when we first went live and now we have settled into a steady flow of visitors. We will be covering Gfinity when they kicks off so hopefully that will give another nice boost in traffic. The forums seem pretty active too and growing steadily. Nice to see some very old faces pop up again after so long.


Looks like you have some good content being put together for the site :smile:

Just need to get that activity up if possible! I know the guys from are putting something together as well so you may find you have some competition :wink: