Can the M4A1-s make a comeback for greatness?


Do you guys think the M4A1-S has the potential to be what it used to be? Cause

> these professional players

still use it.


I still think its better than m4, believe or not. However, I still prefer the m4a4 because it’s more “fun” to use. Fun as in a better fire rate than the AK despite 2 bullet headshots that when trained, looks super smooth and fast. The reason I say the m4a1 is better though imo is because its a 2 bullet headshot kill either way, and from a player’s perspective, I find it very hard for them to tell the difference in speed for their respective kills, e.g. 2 perfect shots from the m4a1 or m4a4. The difference though is that with training, you get much better control. If you spent the same amount of time with the m4a1 vs m4a4, I’d believe you’d still have significantly better control with the m4a1. But If you can tell the difference in terms of kill speed, and it’s significant (and not just slightly) or are able to significantly train yourself well with the m4a4 as you would with the m4a1, then I’d change my mind. The spray pattern for the m4a1 tends to be easier as well. My point though is go for the one you like better, even one is slightly better than the other.