Crash on startup. Still running in task manager


Hey guys,

I’ve been scouring the web for the past several days and have not found a fix. I also posted this in the Steam community which didn’t yield anything useful… Anyone here able to offer some help? Here is the situation.

-AMD fx-6300
-16gb RAM
-NVIDIA GTX480 (latest driver via GeForce Experience)

  • LG Ultrawide monitor (2560x1080)

After starting CS:go, the screen turns black for 2-3 seconds like normal. Then I am kicked back to the desktop. There is no CS:go logo in the taskbar, but steam insists it’s still running. After looking in the task manager, I do see csgo.exe running under the steam dropdown, but it says it’s using 0%CPU ~61mb RAM.

I’ve tried validating game files, changing resolutions, even completely reinstalling the game, to no avail.

Thanks for your time

Daniel Jackson