Crimson Consortium~ A new General Gaming Community! 18+ users only <3


Want to find some people to play games with?
Are you looking for a place for casual and mature gamers?
Interested in being a member of a community that provides entertaining events?

Crimson Consortium is just what you need!

This community is a new discord venture for the 18+aged gamers who enjoy playing a variety of games and are looking for that perfect amount of social connection. Want someone to talk to while you solo adventure, or how about finding a team to cover you in the fields of battle? You’re sure to find that at Crimson Consortium.

Some of the entertainment we offer is:

  • Movie Nights
  • Karaoke
  • Cards Against Humanity show downs
  • Lotteries
  • Random Game Inhouses
  • Discord Bot Games

Crimson Consortium also has a self promotion section to post your media and streams on. With a spotlight for new entertainers every week the community is looking to help any up and coming media sensations get as many followers as it can!

Need a place to bring your viewers but dont have the time to manage your own discord? Crimson Consortium can be the place you relax with your fans without the extra hassle of running things yourself.

Take a moment to stop by and surely you will find something that makes you feel right at home!


Cant wait for the chance to meet a great variety of gamers!


If anyone has questions feel free to message me :smiley:


:smiley: Great community for anyone!


Great times and games to be had!


Doot Doot! Come and visit!


Remember when board bumps were a thing? Peppridge Farm remembers.


Great time guarenteed or your money back!