CS:GO Tournament 4500$ for first place - No registration fee needed


Hi guys,
There will be a tournament going on in the upcoming days on a platform called DFSocial (https://dfsocial.com/CSGo3.html).
They organize tournaments regularly for CS:GO players so I wanted to share with all of you the opportunity to get in.
You won’t need to pay any fees to participate in the tournament so there is 0 risk in participating. Instead, people will sponsor you (by freezing their capital on the platform for 2 weeks) to play and you and your sponsor will share the rewards 50/50 if the player happens to win.
If you are interested please reach out to me asap (my email is rcbledger01@gmail.com) and I will find a sponsor for you. The tournament will start in 3 days (23rd of april)


Thanks. Interesting!
But I wouldn’t trust my money to any usual CS:GO betting sites.If you bet your real money there, you are very likely not to get the conditions they promised you. They change coefficient during the game (not in your favour, of course https://top100-list.com/), work slow, delay withdrawals and cost notable commissions. As for me, the amount of money you can win there doesn’t cost that much effort and stress.