CS:GO Tournament 4500$ for first place - No registration fee needed


Hi guys,
There will be a tournament going on in the upcoming days on a platform called DFSocial (https://dfsocial.com/CSGo3.html).
They organize tournaments regularly for CS:GO players so I wanted to share with all of you the opportunity to get in.
You won’t need to pay any fees to participate in the tournament so there is 0 risk in participating. Instead, people will sponsor you (by freezing their capital on the platform for 2 weeks) to play and you and your sponsor will share the rewards 50/50 if the player happens to win.
If you are interested please reach out to me asap (my email is rcbledger01@gmail.com) and I will find a sponsor for you. The tournament will start in 3 days (23rd of april)


Thanks. Interesting!