CS Movies Recommendations: GO


I’ll never forget the first time I saw Fnatic in CS:GO. They were doing something nobody had seen before and it was clear that they would go on to win multiple titles from there. For me, Astralis is their successor when it comes to domination of a game era by one team with an unparalleled streak of dominance

What are some classic CS:GO matches you should watch or rewatch? There’s been so many great teams over different eras like Fnatic dominating CS with their unique style until Denmark-based Astralis came along and created this new dynasty for themselves as well!


Aside from Liquid/Cloud9/shroud/twistzz/grim/ and so on, I’ve always liked Vici Gaming and Greyhound. They weren’t necessarily great teams, but they did pull through a couple times. Perhaps moreso the players themselves, such as Dick Stacy and Malta (sneaky) and Auman, Freeman, and the upcoming “star” (imo) JamYoung. It’s kind of hard to distinguish their play styles, but I get an intuitive sense for some of these teams, but I could be wrong.

One of the most memorable matches I saw was when I saw Vici play against Prime Astralis. Although they lost badly, it was still fun to watch them try at least xD. But watching them play earlier in major events, and beat a couple of solid teams, was pretty cool. Zhoking was probably one of the most overly aggressive players I’ve ever seen, but he still deserves some credit for what he accomplished.

But yea watching the top teams in Asia for CS:GO has some pretty good and close matches, such as tyloo vs Vici. Plus it’s kinda fun to scout players, even if their not on your favorite team, and sort of watch them grow, if your intuitions turn out to be right.


Launch CS:GO, then choose “Watch Matches & Tournaments” from the menu. Click “Your Matches,” choose the one you want to watch or review, and then. Click Here