CSGO 50$ 2v2 Tournament, at PVPSquad.com | Tournaments every week | Easy Anti Cheat | Automatic tournament system


We are happy to announce that 5th August 5:00pm (GMT + 1), the first PVPSQUAD Weekly Tournament #1
will be taking place on pvpsquad.com The tournament will be available for 16 teams, 2 players per team since it’s a wingman tournament. The entry fee will be 1.99$ per player, and the prize-pool will be as big as 50$. The winner team of the tournament will get 40$, and the second place team will be getting 10$. All the matches will be played after another, the tournament will basically be finished the same night.

The tournament system is automatic, which means our system handles the score, winners, veto etcetera by itself. This is to make the tournament work as smooth as possible, and make your experience as good as possible. The admins will be available trough live-chat trough the whole tournament, if any problems would appear during the tournament.

• Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) is required to be able to join our servers
• Your team will have 6 minutes to !ready up once the server is online.
• 3 timeouts lasting for 1 minute will be available for each team every match.

Cheating: Our anti-cheat is based on EAC as mentioned earlier, every player will need to have EAC started to be able to play at all. We won’t handle irrelevant reports about the enemy team cheating, we rely on EAC to handle that part. However, if your enemy team is obviously cheating, e.g using spinbot or shooting trough walls the report will be handled. Do not abuse this to delay matches or to negotiate for match resets or other things that favors your team. This will make your team disqualified from the tournament.

The payments for the winning teams will be trough PayPal. Once the tournament is finished, we will reach out to the team captain using the Private message function with details about the payment. Once you recieve a message from us, follow the details and you’ll have your prize money the same night. Be careful for fake messages, the original message will come from libhh. We would never ask you for any personal information, or for any extra payments. If that would appear, report it to us immediately.

With all this said, good luck & have fun! pvpsquad.com/tournament.php