CSGO Network | Head of the Technical staff needed


Hello there everyone!

I am one of the CEO’s of Scorpia&Partners Network (S&PN). We organise csgo tournaments, and we have our own csgo server. We also have a lot of discord servers within our network (we call them partners).

Let’s get to the point, we are looking for a head of the technical staff. You need experience with CSGO servers and be able to fix any bugs within a limited amout of time.

Your tasks:

hiring technical staff (when needed)
make our csgo server run smooth, without any errors
be active (everyday online in discord to answer messages, and 4 days a week to be able to work on the server when needed).
be able to fix problems during tournaments, within 5-10 minutes
able to be professional
know how to add handy plugins

Contact us:

Email | scorpia.partners@gmail.com
Network Discord server | https://discord.gg/T6sZn2E

Thanks for your attention!

, Scorpia&Partners Network