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Unfortunately there is no way for you to win at CSGOPolygon every time you play. There may be some that claim to have a system but whether you are playing on CSGO betting sites for real money or for skins you can’t win all the time. That isn’t to say there is nothing you can do to improve your chances.

Play the games with the best odds: It can be tempting to go for big wins but generally the better the payoff then the harder it is to win. For example in the Dice game if you set the range at 99-100 the payoff is 99 to 1 but the odds of winning are 1%. At a range of 50-100 the payoff is just under 2 to 1 but the odds of a win are 50%.

Use bonuses: Most sites offer bonuses to players. Make use of these bonuses when you are playing


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