Csgo Running while in workplace


Hello. I need help with csgo. I installed it a few days after some time without playing in my portatil computer. My computer always runned the game well. Today it is more slow but it’s normal I guess. After some hours of playing it started going black screen when I joined a match. I tried starting window, changing compatibility, verified integrety all that and nothing worked. My pc was full of trash and now csgo didn’t worked to so as a last resource I used the recovery system of windows 10 and it removed all after some hours. I installed cgo again and now I have a different problem when I start csgo it opens until the initial menu then it goes to the workplace but keeps running in the background, I can hear csgo music, hear the muse in the menu but I can’t see nothing other than the workplace I tried doing all the other things with this problem too and I tried updating drivers from the device manager Intel® HD Graphics Family. Nothing worked again please help me I don’t know what to do and I think recovering the pc to the start again wouldn’t do much at this point.