Discord bot for CSGO - BOT Waldo


Hi guys, I am a Computer Science student and a CS:GO lover. I just wanted to share a project I have been working on. It might help some people or maybe just add a bit of fun.

During the past couple of weeks I have made a very simple Discord Bot for some basic CS:GO advice. For the lack of a better name, I called it BOT Waldo. Mainly it’s a bot for getting quick tips while in-game.

This first iteration of the bot only has a few features. Starting off, you can use commands to ask for callout names for all competitive maps. When a command is sent, the bot sends an image with the radar-view and callout names of the map. This might help new players learn or even players who are trying a new map adapt quickly.

Next, there are commands for getting info about important grenades on all maps. When this kind of command is sent the bot responds with a csgonades link of the desired map or the specific spot on any map.

I have also added some of the most common binds and commands such as jump-throw
bind, training server setup commands, drop bomb, clear decals, locate bomb in smoke etc. The bot sends the console commands to the chat and you can copy-paste them into the console.

There are a few more small things but if you are interested you can check out the commands list HERE and if you want to invite the bot to your server - visit the website.

The bot is completely free for anyone to use. I have set up donations via PayPal in case anyone is very fond of the bot and wants to help me maintain, this of course is not a must, but keep in mind I am a student and any donation is very appreciated.
I am open to ideas and suggestions and would like to hear you all out. I plan to implement some of your suggestions in the future.

Anyway thank you for your time. I hope someone can find it fun or useful. If anyone is intrigued, feel free to comment or PM or send me a mail on vavramovski01@gmail.com.