Edge Global Esports


Hi there,

Edge Global Esports is a small Esports Organisation and Community looking to expand, we are looking for keen players of CS:GO to join us, we are offering a relaxed, fun, mature and organised place to be. We will be looking at hosting our own servers in the future with more interest.

We are also looking to host teams within our Organisation and Community, we are willing to work with teams to progress further, what we can also offer for teams is possible coaching sessions to progress if the commitment is there.

We don’t go on skill we go off who you are as a person, meaning if you are a person who will fit in and is willing to learn we are more then happy to have you within the community.

What we also want to offer is a CS:GO academy for people wanting to learn the game more. If this sounds like something you are interested in feel free to reply here for more information or join us on Discord. https://discord.gg/VwgfnUr