Who is going to epic.LAN SEVENTEEN?

Dates: 16:00 on Thursday 18th February 2016 until 16:00 on Sunday 21st February 2016
Capacity: 400 Players
Location: Kettering Conference Centre
Link to event: https://www.epiclan.co.uk/epic17

Here are the results from the previous epic.LAN (16):

Team Infused lost all of three maps to claim their win at epic.LAN,
losing only one map to Perilous, one map to Choke Gaming and of course,
one map in the final against Reason Gaming. After losing to Choke Gaming
in the Upper Bracket, Reason Gaming didn’t drop a single map prior to
the final with 2:0 win’s over East x West, Perilous.CSGOBOLT & Choke
Gaming in the lower bracket.
Here are the final standings from epic.SIXTEEN:

1st Team Infused – £950
2nd Reason Gaming – £450
3rd Choke Gaming – £100

4th Perilous.CSGOBOLT

5th/6th Molotovs n Marshmallows
5th/6th East x West

7th/8th Rasta.EZFrags
7th/8th Gamevibe

9th – 12th Aze
9th – 12th LEAVEITYEAH
9th – 12th Tempest eSports

13th – 16th Tully’s Red & Blue Army
13th – 16th Team Empathy
13th – 16th Napoleon eSports
13th – 16th Team Ascalon