FACEIT Griefing - worse than ever


I’ve noticed in my games on Faceit that nearly one-third of the people I’ve played with (played solo, level 3) have non-Prime accounts. It seems many players are now using third party clients to avoid CSGO’s paywall and ruin their game experience. One griefer I was queued up with kept knifing everyone and buying bad guns which made me frustrated since our game did not offer a way for us to kick him out after he started this behavior. This might end badly for other third party gaming sites like Faceit who can’t stop these types of players from abusing their servers unless they also put Prime status behind some kind of wall or charge higher rates per hour/day etc., so will we see more


I see. Have u tried premium? Sure there were more toxic players in my experience, but they were also more dedicated or so. Was there more cheaters or just griefers? I think cheaters would be worse cuz it’s not really a test of true skill. With the griefers, I’d just kinda deal with it because at least some rounds they tried and I had no other choice. You could also go back to MM, but I don’t know if you have a preference for 64/128 tick servers. ESEA was actually good, but for me, it became too difficult because the MM was poor, I was just outmatched tbh (individually speaking).

Also is the grefing out of nowhere or teammates fighting with one another because so and so didn’t get the kill etc.? Even when I was right about something, I’d just keep my mouth shut so they could play the full 30 rounds or less. That could help; just ignore them and they just might play xD.