Fantasy CSGO eSports for money?


AlphaDraft | Fantasy eSports For Cash
Win money every week for drafting the top fantasy League of Legends teams.
link to website :
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Intro: Today i bring you to a website i found that is very cool. Alphadraft is a website where you can play fantasy csgo and make money. Pick your dream team and make some money!

How to play: There are many leagues for different amounts of money. Join a league that you like ranging from 50/50, half will win or arcades. When you join a league you will be able to pick up 6 players of your choice in a set of match ups. After picking your players you will pick a team in the matchups. Then after you are all done with that you simply just finish and wait for the matches to be played and see the results!

Scoring: For csgo the scoring goes like this.
Kills= 2pt Assist= 1 pt ea death= -1 pt
team scoring based on bomb plants, defuse and round win/loss

Leagues: There are leagues ranging from one penny to one hundred dollars ($0.01-$100). There are many different leagues.
Half will win: 4-16 people and half of the entries win
head to head: 2 people (1v1)
arcade: prizes vary

In all i think this site is very cool and an interesting and fun way to gamble. The idea of winning money by watching your favorite players is amazing to me. Good luck, Have Fun and Pick wise!