Freebie CS: GO / BITCOIN (No deposit) New


It is possible without ref. It is possible with a refka for support!
While everything is just starting to work, have time to fail or skins
Hello members of the forum!
Today we will talk about the site [] xD xD xD (not Piar.)
I think you’ve already heard about it from YouTubers, and if you haven’t heard of it, please sit back!
the site is new and really gives a good selection.
withdrawal without deposit on cs go without restrictions on BitCoin from $ 20
So, using the same promo code for $ 0.50, I withdrawn $ 20, but I still had $ 6 on my balance (all this literally in 15 minutes)

" ARTIX " Promo Code [+ 0.50 $]

Information about receiving a certain amount for a promo code!
The user who activated your code will receive 0.5 $. The STEAM account has one of the following:

  • The CS: GO inventory contains Berlin 2019 coins
  • CS: GO inventory has a service medal in 2018 or 2019.
  • There is a Service Medal of the Year 2020 in the CS: GO inventory.
  • There is a medal in CS: GO inventory: “Loyalty badge medal”.
  • User purchased Operation Shattered Web
    If your account does not meet these conditions, you will receive a reward for your level on Steam :.
  • Level from 0 to 10 - $ 0.05 per activation, $ 0 per invitation
  • Level from 10 to 20 - 0.2 $ per activation, 0.1 $ per invitation
  • Level 20+ - $ 0.5 per activation, $ 0.2 per invitation

Since the site is Russian but supports English, then I displayed it in $ but received it in Russian rubles
My withdrawal to Bitcoin wallet

My skins output

I am writing for those who are looking for where to enter a promo code! Do not write to HP especially for you!
We aim at the gear

  • Redeem Code

Since the industry’s inception, cyber sports and bitcoin have been touted as the perfect combination. Portable ownership of in-game items, easy payment methods, anti-cheater measures, and proven fair games with a transparent record are benefits that bitcoin brings to the cybersports market.
This makes me happy, as it makes my life a lot easier. I trade on the metatrader 4 app for mac, so it’s not hard for me to transfer bitcoin into the game from my wallet. It used to be that when I had to pay with my card, I had to ask my mom to pay because I was just a kid and didn’t have my own card.