Get Arcane in CSGO for free in 3 minutes.


Christmas specials season is coming soon, Here we are going to teach everyone how to spend three minutes a day for getting an arcane of DOTA2 .
Foreword: You need to complete missions every day for the arcane. This requires you to stick to it 20 days and spend 3 minutes a day . If you don’t what we mean .You should just finish it as a daily check in task.

First: let us introduce the website for this event of getting an arcane for free :

To put it simply, this is a game community website. You can get rewards according to how long you have been playing a game and your game behavior in general. It’s very simple, right? You just need to bind your STEAM ID with the ZBT account. Our website will read the data of your game duration and the data will generate contribution value which you can exchange for rewards. However, we don’t need to spend a lot of time for gaming or finishing tasks. After all, we just play games occasionally. If you feel the same way. congratulations ! Accumulate your fragmentated gaming time for contribution value ! The longer the better.So how to count the contribution value.?The website records the contribution value of all users per day and calculates the quantity of ZBT How many ZBT are sended to every single player is based on the rate of each user’s contribution value and the total contribution value. The contribution value depends on the time we play the game and the number of tasks completed. ZBT is the digital currency that can be exchanged for DOTA2 items on this website.

As shown in the screenshot: you can see the daily contribution value and the number of ZBT

​So what you need to do is register on the website and bind your steam ID with the ZBT account .Then you keep logging in when you play the game and finish tasks as much as possible, so that we can get the contribution value, and use the contribution value to convert it toZBT.

The current price of Arcane on the website is about 3900 ZBT.

Currently, there are four ways to get ZBT on this website.

A: Registration and binding task

Bind your mobile phone number and Steam ID to your account,and the first time you buy and sell in the market , you can get 300 points contribution value from all these tasks, but this is a one-time taskonly, not a daily one.


When you play games after binding your Steam ID with the ZBT account, the website will record the game data of each game and send you contribution value accordingly.

Currently, the website only supports CSGO’s and DOTA2 's data. The system will generate contribution value according to gaming time and victory or defeat

C:Daily task

  1. " Like "“Comment” and “Sharing” tasks for community articles:

Click on the navigation of website and find" gaming information" .Then you can get 100 points contribution value per day after

liking 5 articles, reviewing 3 articles, and sharing one article.

  1. King of Trade (fastest and most accessible for contribution value)

There are two areas for the King of Trade, ZBT and currency. If you want to get an item for free, you can just finish ZBT trading tasks.When the consumption in ZBT market reaches 120ZBT, you can get 280 points contribution value. Of course, if you want to trade with the currency, you can get an additional 280 points contribution value.

D: sharing tasks

Invite friends to register on the website and get 100 rewards per day.

The website will calculate the automatic distribution of contribution value every day. You can get the 380 points contribution value from the daily tasks that we mentioned. It just takes you 3 minutes every day. According to the current ratio, 380 points contribution value can be changed to 190ZBT. You can accumulate 4000ZBT to get an Arcane in one month. Of course, you can exchange ZBT for any other accessories.

Notice: You need to exchange contribution value for ZBT by yourself. The system won’t transfer it automatically. The data is settled at 10:00AM for the previous day, So, you’ll be able to collect ZBT within 7 days after completing the task. Don’t forget that!

These are list of item which you can get by exchanging ZBT. Enjoy your time.!