Getting the game to run smoother


PC guys here.

What have yo done to change your pc up so the game runs better?

At the moment, I’ve tried changing my mouse and switching off all the background programs when i’m playing, those seem to have helped lag a bit.

Let’s get a list of ideas going here!


List of specs is usually a good place to start. If you could post them.

CSGO is a pretty CPU reliant game.


CS GO is processor heavy, so make sure you have a decent intel i7 or something similar!!


What are your specs? as @xen mentioned, its difficult if we dont that that information ? :confused:


Make sure you have the following GFX Settings:

  • Ensure your gaphics are set to Low
  • Turn off FFXAA as this can produce input lag
  • Ensure Antiscopic Filtering is low as possible (Biliniar)

Hope some of that helps


any update on the situation @RNG ?


Time to close I do believe!


yes i really need to pull my weight…