Hello guys i really need help


Im a average csgo player with about 2.5k hours i play on a laptop with 60 fps.
However i performed really good in the silver days and gn, but however since i got gold nova 3 it just went downside. I was ALLWAYS bottomfragger, i allways peeked at the worst possible moment, i hittet nothing, andi never really got a “fair” fight. I allways got flanked, backstabbed or just simply crossfired. And i was allways spectating my mate with much worse aim and movement, but they allways had more kills then me. Its like the enemys just hitting me because im a easy target for some reasons. i allways liked to play with the awp and i have actuall great aim (allways topfragger in awp DM) and also with rifles, and pistols i have good aim. But ingame i dont hit shit.If you need a examlpe :
Demo file](http://replay193.valve.net/730/003475732630379430656_1742615779.dem.bz2)
Im PyroFenrir


idk really, i know if i play a game for a long time like everyday i start to get worse for some reason but if i take like 1-2 day breaks i start to get better, idk if this is the same for everyone (probably not) but it helps me


like the other guy said, just take a break and come back to play