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Hello Everyone,

I am not sure if this comment is aloud on CSGO Forums in this section but I have a Very Small Network with friends in it and I am looking for a CSGO Community to Join the Network to play other games with people if they would like to.

My aim for this Network is to have this as a “Main Base” for Gamers from Different Communities and Different Games, who may have their own server, to come to our Discord Server and play other games with a Range of Different people. The reason I am making this is for all Communities to come together and have fun.

CSGO is one of my Favourite Games to play at the moment and I would love if a Server would like to Partner up with my Network to develop and Awesome place for people to join and have fun in other games than CSGO.

Can I please ask that the Owner of the Server is to join first and maybe some of their higher ups just to speak to them before Inviting their whole Community.

I am willing for any CSGO server to come and partner with us but you MUST have a Full and Working server in place with a sustainable amount of members that are active.

Discord for HiveNet:

Look forward to hearing from people about this Opportunity,

Many Thanks,
Kalyn - Executive CEO of HiveNet