**How S1mple Really Plays CS:GO**


Name : Alexander Kostylev

Born : 02.10.1997 (age 23)

Country Ukraine

Professional CS: GO player. He is considered one of the strongest players in the world.

He started his career in 2013, playing for the Ukrainian team LAN DODGERS. Then he visited Courage Gaming, Amazing Gaming and some other less prominent teams. In mid-September 2014, Alexander joined a more serious team - HellRaisers, from where, five months later, together with markeloff, he moved to the dAT Team. The latter were signed a month later by the FlipSid3 Tactics organization. Due to internal problems, s1mple left the team in July 2015 and announced that he was taking a break and would not play for some time. However, the “vacation” was short-lived, and a few days later the player returned as part of the Evolution team, and then moved to the Evolution team. Dark, which only lasted a month. After playing a little more in the Worst Players team, Alexander began to help his former teams, playing as a stand-in, first for HellRaisers, and then for FlipSid3 Tactics.

In January 2016, s1mple officially joined the North American team Team Liquid, with whom he got into the top 8 at MLG Major Championship: Columbus, and at ESL One: Cologne 2016 he took the team to second place. It was his play that contributed to the success of the team in many ways. In August 2016, Alexander returned to his homeland and signed a contract with Natus Vincere.

Fun fact: s1mple got banned by ESL in February 2014 for using cheats and trying to bypass the ban. Exactly two years later, the player was officially unbanned.

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