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I’m tired of talking about night elves here, but I also think that there are two commonly held philosophies among night elf players:- Not being proud of your ethnicity- The faith was set up to be for a great people, and it hasn’t worked out.- Having problems with Daybreak’s Night Elf in game picture, coming off as underdeveloped and uninteresting.At least as of right now, I’m guessing that’s justifiable.Mild-mannered as I am, I have no interest in the night elves of Warcraft lore, and the game has treated them with disrespect for far too long. I’m not ashamed of my race, my culture, my culture’s history.

High level players frequently have to deal with the difficulty of encounters that can be quite punishing. Bosses are often hard for players that are not used to soloing them or those who are just learning the encounter. One tool that many guilds use to teach these encounters is through trial and error. Trial and error is a term for the term method of teaching an idea by experiment. Many newer players may not be aware of this concept, and yet it is so crucial to understanding how an encounter is executed in a team. As we explore this concept in greater depth, we’ll see the many pitfalls that solo players face and learn what tools you need in your game to be successful.

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