How to get free skins, no deposit, tips included


Recently I started playing CS:GO again and wanted to get some skins so I set out to find a good website for doing so, most have the normal BS of deposit before you can withdraw however this one doesn’t, in two days after I signed up I got 7-10$ worth of skins just from using the site while I was bored.
First I’ll go over the basic’s for the site and then I’ll give tips on best ways to get the most from your time and what to avoid.

  1. Go to and sign in with steam
  2. You can also download the mobile app if you like, they go hand in hand and both have good deals IMO
  3. If you want a free 250 credits use referral code “STYXSKINS”
  4. Do offers and surveys to gain points
  5. Find a gun you want and withdraw
  6. This site also allows you to claim 100 points each day (close to 10 cents) so even if you don’t want to do offers you can get some skins just by logging in daily.
    So that’s the basics of the site, same as any other really. The part people struggle with is gaining points, most people fail to realize how sites like these work and think since 1 offer doesn’t award them it’s a scam. I will say right now NOT ALL OFFERS WILL WORK. That’s standard with sites like these but once you start to understand and realize which ones work and which won’t you can save time.
    So here’s some tips on what to use and what to avoid for website version.
    Don’t Use and Why:
    a. In my experience “trial pay” just doesn’t work, a lot of the offers want you to pay or have high payouts which is a sign that most likely they will not work, if it seems to good to be true it probably is.
    b. “Ascend media” just isn’t worth using you can either watch videos for borderline no payout or like with trial pay all the offers are in the thousands and want you to pay or just won’t work.
    c. “Super Rewards” pretty much a combination between the previous two, I’ve found maybe 1-2 offers on there that actually payed out to me but for the most part they didn’t, and it wasn’t worth my time.
    Do Use and Why:
    a. The best one to use is “Personaly” this offers a variety of different website sign-ups and surveys. The website sign-ups and others are great because in the top right it shows how many people have completed the offer, from this alone you can quickly tell if it will most likely work or not, anything under 50 people, chances are it won’t work. There’s also the surveys pay out 90% of the time and are fast and simple, don’t believe the times on them as they are never correct and usually quicker, make sure you answer at least semi-trying otherwise it may sense that you’re BSing through it and kick you out with no reward.
    b. “Peanut Labs” is the next best being pretty much the same as “Personaly” but with different offers and more surveys, the surveys on here are more reliable and pay out instantly without having to wait. There’s not much else to say, follow the same guidelines given previously.
    c. “Adgate” is mostly website sign-ups and various other offers, this one is the most un-reliable and a lot of the websites won’t pay-out or work if you don’t know what to search for, most offers that are above 500 usually won’t payout, try and stick to the lower paying ones as they tend to actually work.
    Don’t Use Mobile:
    a. “Vungle” pays you for watching ads, it is consistent and always works however it’s not worth it, it pays you 1 coin per ad and the ads last about 30s each, they also don’t autoplay so you have to keep tapping it to keep it going, it’s just not worth the time.
    b. “Iron Source” is mostly surveys and website sign-ups, in my opinion it’s just not very mobile friendly and doesn’t work most of the time, I just avoid it as there’s better options.
    Do use Mobile
    a. “Fyber” allows you to download mobile apps and either complete tasks in them or just play them for credits, most of the apps in it tend to work and the payouts are a good amount, I’ve got some ranging from 100-900, of course not all will work and be wary of apps that want you to do ridiculous tasks like reach lvl 40 before you get a small payout, not worth your time.
    b. “Tapjoy” is pretty much the same as “Fyber” with different offers, slightly less consistent in payouts, not much else to say about it
    c. “AdGateMedia” once again pretty much the same thing as the prior two.
    Some proof of completed offer payouts and withdraws:
    Overall Tips
  7. Should be obvious but use a spam email, a lot of the signup sites will want an email and will send shit for days, don’t use a normal email, create one just for trash spam if you don’t have one already.
  8. Also should be obvious, don’t use real information, some of the sites will ask for a zip code and address and will check if they are real, look up some place on google maps and use those, don’t use your own.
  9. Don’t go in expecting a knife, if you want just some small decent skins this is for you, if you wan’t a DLORE, well, good luck.
  10. Just because some offers don’t payout doesn’t mean the sites a scam, it works pretty well overall but obviously some links won’t work
  11. If it seems too good to be true it probably is, don’t bother doing offers that are really high payouts if it “just requires a sign-up”
  12. As you go on you’ll start to notice the types of offers that work and don’t get in a pattern and you will be able to effectively make a decent amount of money or skins off of it.
    I hope this helps some people as this website has personally worked well for me and gotten me some nice little skins in just a short time, good luck.