How to slow down in-game sounds? ( CS: GO )


Hello, I recorded a CS: GO gameplay with bot now and I slowed down the game using Cheat Engine ( Speedhack ) because of HD Graphics, low fps. Now the game is slowed down, but the in-game sounds aren’t slowdowned ( Absolutely ). Any way to slow down the sound ( Slowing down the sound speed and lowering the pitch )?

Because I recorded the gameplay using speedhack, and because the sound DIDN’T MATCH the real speed, it’s sounds so fast if I played the result. A gameplay video without the actual sounds from what did you see on it are nonsense. Please help!


I think you would be far better off adjusting the slow-motion afterwards using editing software like Adobe Premier Pro or something similar.

You will really struggle to get the desired effect from the game directly and recording it.

Best of Luck! SV