Idle Empire - Earn CSGO skins


What is idle Empire??

You maybe would ask what exactly is Idle Empire, right? I will explain it to you. Idle Empire is a company based on making you money by doing some easy tasks.

What can you earn??

On Idle Empire you can earn different things like PayPal money, Bitcoin, CSGOShop balance or some OPskins balance.

How to earn??

As mentioned before you need to do some basic tasks but if you want a bonus of 500 points (=$.5) then you need to register using my promo link located here: After you register using the promotion link you will have the 500 points added to your balance. After that you can go to to earn tab and follow the simple take.

How to make a big profit??

If you withdraw your points you can make a chance to get some profit or some lose by opening cases online those are a great way to get more than you started with id you are lucky enough you might win something that is worth more than $50 and you started with some dollars or you or you make no profit and lose all but you need to take risks to make money in this way.

What makes Idle Empire better thant all other sites??

Idle Empire offers you a lot of options to choose from to get points but the most of the sites only allow you to do some surveys that don’t give you a lot in return also, you can just Idle on one of the TF2 Idle servers and get one point each minute and you can easily use the site while most of the earning sites are just a big mess.

I hope you would use this site instead.


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