I'm a small csgo youtuber who is looking for feedback


My name is Andy and I am a small youtuber who makes different videos, mainly as of right now I make csgo content and I wanted to share it with you guys. I tried to make something unique atleast I think so, give it a chance and check it out. Looking forward to hear your opinion!


It’s good/unique overall, but mabye cut down slightly on the music/memes. Unless that’s more of you’re focus, it can sometimes take away from the gameplay. Alternatively, you could tone it down, or use music with fewer words. It doesn’t have to be the whole video, but mabye you could replace or cut down on one or two songs or memes, for example. Now that I think about, I do like the idea of a hidden skin giveaway, instead of the massive code giveaways you see nowadays. Anyways good luck.