Inversity-Network [Gaming Network]



ABOUT US - Inversity Network is a newly formed network located in Romania. We are looking for motivated people to create a good community.
Our goal is to host multiple game servers consisting of:
Counter-Strike Global:Offensive ( Zombie Escape, Retake, Deathmatch, JailBreak )
GTA 5 ( FiveM RolePlay )
Garry’s Mod ( DarkRP )
Minecraft ( Factions, Survival )

At this moment we are in search for staff members, developers & much more.

We expect that you put time & effort in the network on a daily basis. There is a discord server
with a lot of people who are interested and are already working on everything.

We can offer you a nice enviroment to work in with friendly people.

Apply here -

Other Informations -

  • We are not live yet but you can expect to see more progress so if you want to get updated join the discord!
  • We are still looking for good server ideas so anything helps! We are open for anything so give us ideas & you’ll be able to play it! :slight_smile: