Is there an easy way to get a controller to work with CS:GO?


Okay so I have a friend who wants to play but he has only ever played FPS games with a controller. He wants to get into it and start playing with me but he hates the controls with the mouse and keyboard. Is there an easy way to get this to work without using third party software?


As far as I know, the only methods where you could get this to work have since been broken by updates. I have tried to find this out myself. I ended up getting used to the keyboard/mouse combo. I mean your friend might be able to get into it if he tried it for a bit. It just seems really strange if you are coming from controller-based FPS games and never have played one on a keyboard.


The way I got it to work for myself no longer works, sorry man.

I have looked all over online and can’t find one that works anymore. I had to adjust and get used to playing KBM which sucked at first but it is fine now. I think your friend would adjust if he gave it a chance.