M4a4 howl (minimal wear)


I want to win from giveway that skin


You can get more entries by referring friends & posting :smile:


@stealthvibez it would be awesome if we could!


The highest rated skin I’ve ever got was a pink? Its so annoying


That just reminded me of a funny story… we used to play games when we were kids, and there was this one kid who would never win any of our racces or whatever… so naturally we talked about people getting “gold, silver and bronze medals” and then we gave him “pink medal.” that became his nickname for years afterward.


er… cool story bro?



I’ve done everything! I hope i’ll win this giveaway,i’ve never won a giveaway :slight_smile: gl all


Yes, i want to win it too, tho neither i have chance xd


No long now until the giveaway!! :smiley: