Matchmaking Problem


The thing is i’m having some problems with my MM servers, i can’t find one even if im 40/50 minutes waiting. Im a global elite user and I have never experienced something like this. Its not a problem of my computer because i can play in any of my smurf accounts. So it has to be something related to my account. I would appreciate any suggestion of what it may be the problem and how to fix it.


Seems to me like you are having a sudden network problems. Either the problem is located on your pc or the ISP’s grid is having issues. If you have downloaded some torrents or random files from the internet, your pc might be at risk. Either way try this:

• Reset your router (Unplug, wait a while, plug back in).
• Call your ISP for information
• Clear your cookies or run a virus scan
• Try using an optimization software (e.g
• Outdated Hardware