Microstuttering and lower fps with gtx 1080 and i5 4670 (higher fps with gtx 760)


I can’t figure out what’s causing this problem. HALP.
-I have reinstalled cs and steam.
-verified integrity.
-max performance settings in windows and nvidia (and ofc the newest drivers)
-no processes other than steam and logitech software running in bc.
-unparked all cores.
-tried low res and low settings (doesn’t matter).
-tried all different launch options.
-I have 100/100 Mbit cabled, so it’s not that.
-checked the temps on gpu and cpu, they are fine.
-followed “windows 10 optimize for gaming” on youtube.

Note: Games like Destiny 2 runs like a dream. CS:GO is a cpu intensive game, so it doesn’t matter I guess.

Asus GeForce GTX 1080 strix
i5 4670 3.6 GHz
16 gb ram
Samsung Evo 850 SSD
Asus 24" vg248qe 144 hz


If your run performance monitor whilst playing (you can access it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete), what are your graphs looking like?

I had a major issue running the game after upgrading my PC and I installed a brand new SSD (WD Black) and had constant 100% disk usage according to performance monitor.

Turns out that this particular hard drive wasn’t actually 100% compatible with Windows 10 so my Disk Usage was constantly running at 100% with CS GO. The Usage was constant on the disk on Perfmon.exe and the response times was showing in the 1000ms + mark.

I tried everything including Registry Edit to ensure the disk wasn’t falling asleep. Long story short, I ended up replacing the Hard Drive and this solved my issues. The OS ran well and so did CS.

Hope you get it sorted!


how old is this processor?

A 2012 i5 vs a 2017 i5 will be different


Thanks for reply!
My SSD has worked properly with windows 10 before. I tried to run CS from a different drive to be sure, Still microstutter :frowning: I’m thinking of maybe a cpu issue here, im gonna try to change out the stock cooler even though the temp is fine when playing cs.


It’s Haswell so that makes it 2013 :slight_smile: