Microstuttering and lower fps with gtx 1080 and i5 4670 (higher fps with gtx 760)


I can’t figure out what’s causing this problem. HALP.
-I have reinstalled cs and steam.
-verified integrity.
-max performance settings in windows and nvidia (and ofc the newest drivers)
-no processes other than steam and logitech software running in bc.
-unparked all cores.
-tried low res and low settings (doesn’t matter).
-tried all different launch options.
-I have 100/100 Mbit cabled, so it’s not that.
-checked the temps on gpu and cpu, they are fine.
-followed “windows 10 optimize for gaming” on youtube.

Note: Games like Destiny 2 runs like a dream. CS:GO is a cpu intensive game, so it doesn’t matter I guess.

Asus GeForce GTX 1080 strix
i5 4670 3.6 GHz
16 gb ram
Samsung Evo 850 SSD
Asus 24" vg248qe 144 hz

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If your run performance monitor whilst playing (you can access it by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete), what are your graphs looking like?

I had a major issue running the game after upgrading my PC and I installed a brand new SSD (WD Black) and had constant 100% disk usage according to performance monitor.

Turns out that this particular hard drive wasn’t actually 100% compatible with Windows 10 so my Disk Usage was constantly running at 100% with CS GO. The Usage was constant on the disk on Perfmon.exe and the response times was showing in the 1000ms + mark.

I tried everything including Registry Edit to ensure the disk wasn’t falling asleep. Long story short, I ended up replacing the Hard Drive and this solved my issues. The OS ran well and so did CS.

Hope you get it sorted!


how old is this processor?

A 2012 i5 vs a 2017 i5 will be different


Thanks for reply!
My SSD has worked properly with windows 10 before. I tried to run CS from a different drive to be sure, Still microstutter :frowning: I’m thinking of maybe a cpu issue here, im gonna try to change out the stock cooler even though the temp is fine when playing cs.


It’s Haswell so that makes it 2013 :slight_smile:


This post is really good but i have another issue when i tried to install the latest version of counter strike game on windows10 then it shows an error windows defender error 577, so i want a solution how to remove this error.