My Top 15 Karambit Skins for CS:GO (Article, last one for awhile)


As one of the most highly sought knives, the Karambit was introduced in 2013 and continues to prosper on the market. Thanks to its curved blade and animations, the Karambit stands out as sleek despite its fairly large size. Prices range anywhere from ~$275 to > $1,000, depending on the source and condition. If you’re looking to buy one or just window shopping, feel free to take a glance at some of the/my best Karambit skins out there.

Prices change due to time and demand, so please forgive me if it’s a bit off. Also, if there are any other interesting facts about them, let me know or what you think of the article overall. Thanks.

Top 15 Karambit Skins (CS:GO/Gamersdecide)


I believe that the size is not fairly large, I mean, there’s no reason to buy it already


I just loved the Karambit skins, yet it’s high time I sold them.
Nowadays, you can purchase anything you want on any csgo trading platform. Check and find your favorite one. They all have a pretty low commission fee.
Selling/purchasing csgo skins on various gaming forums or even csgo forums may be really dangerous. I mean, there is too much scam. You may pay money for the new skins, yet there’s no guarantee that you will ever receive them.
The same thing with selling skins on forums, your steam account may be easily hacked and you will lose everything.


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mabye longer than most then. Thanks for the reply.