My Top 20 CS:GO Best Autoexec Scripts


Hi guys. This is an article I wrote regarding some of my top binds/scripts for CS:GO. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, basically they’ll change your in-game settings or display, possibly to your advantage. I honestly didn’t think much of utility binds, but now I see the delay without it, for example. In other words, instead of taking out your grenade/smoke/etc. and throwing it, you can simplify it into one step using a bind. Or having your netgraph displayed when you check the scoreboard, so it’s not always bothering you (in case) at the bottom of your screen.

Regardless if you decide to read it or not, feel free to share your own useful scripts/binds. And I apologize in advance if any scripts are slightly off or wrong. I have gone over them, but it’s possible there may be a blunder or two.

[Top 20] CSGO Best Autoexec Scripts That Give You An Advantage (Gamersdecide)