My Top Crosshairs For The Deagle/General (Article, last one for awhile)


Hey guys. Today I’ll be talking about some of my favorite crosshairs for the deagle, or any gun for that matter. Generally, I’d argue it’s really a matter of preference, but there are still some features you may want to look out for. For example, you can use the cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1 to slightly increase your crosshair’s transparency and moreover, consider how your crosshair appears at various distances with respect to the player model’s head.

But yea thanks for reading or taking a glance at it. And thank you for letting me post as well. I don’t intend to spam, as this will be my last one for a while or indefinitely. Cheers.

Top 10 CS:GO Crosshairs For The Deagle (Gamersdecide)