New to CS:GO? Here are the ulltimate guides for beginners!


Well, seing that I kinda tried to get some help from the community with getting started with the game and nobody bothered to reply, I did my own research and found some awesome videos on youtube that are really helpful. This particular playlist has a bunch videos full of newbie tips and tricks and it really helped me out. Now the only thing left for me to do is play deathmatch and casual for some time and learn some more stuff about the ingame mechanics and move over to casual or maybe even faceit and start owning some fine gentlemen. Oh, and the ingame community is soooooo toxic, how does one even get away from it all? How about some teamwork, praise, support, morale boosts and hype? No man, just flame everybody and go on lol


I know is going to release some guides really soon as well!