[NEW] Zombie Escape Server - CLINSPARKS™


Hello !

Introducing a new Zombie Escape server:

- Features of the ZE:

  • A timer that detects times in messages and displays (Defend … sec) and when the timer reaches 0: (GO GO GO!).

  • A Showdamage to give you the nickname, the damages done and the remaining HP of the zombie.

  • A flashlight to see the darkest corner of the maps.

  • 2 classes for new players in Human and more with credits and the Store.

  • A menu !guns to select your favorite weapons ! A nade and a molotov are provided at the beginning of each round.

  • A Store to buy Trails, Hats, Masks, Pets, Skins and more with your credits.

  • A bar for the life above the zombie to see pretty much the remaining life of it.

And many others you may be able to discover by joining the server!

  • IP:
  • IP:
  • IP:

The server will open on Wednesday 21/02 at 9pm (CET - French time).
The only language allowed for speaking in voice chat on this server is English.
Hosted by CLINSPARKS™.