Newbie seeks addons to CS:GO (unbanned)


What to recognize as legal op? Unknown status… CS:GO :blue_car:
Knows: game and style…
Needs to know: any changes possible without being banned for confirmity?
Same as a new “HUD” or profiency at lag away?
Don’t wanna waste my science by tries about addons to the game plz.
Just bewares me 4 notify : Ban why?!
Cares about original game…beside dont wonder @.
I guess its null effect too as well leaking is forbidden so a hack would be ban, rite?
Like underrated a modification is also ban?
Seen addons like maphack or super aiming or control of all weapons. That’s offense - so Ban.
But defined there is it possible to change ini? Settings are clear the same afaik.

Thank you all.