Olofmeister please


olof was the best player last year cuz he had good teammates ( JW Flusha krimz and dennis ) and he was motivated to play this game cuz he wanted to mark the history with his name and was working to be the top 1 to get money too… now he has so much money he doesnt give a fuck about this game any more… thats why he’s playing like a shit… 30h per 2weeks for fun.
thats the only reason. not his injury. i swear:)

https://play.esea.net/users/539171&r=1273509 look at his esea profile… no rank S no stats no config. thats sad for him and his fans ( im one of them )

anyway i hope the old olof with his stream every day etc… comeback on this month we need some action on csgo :slight_smile: