Personal tips on how to rank up in CS:GO (Article I wrote)


Hi everyone. Today, I’ll be sharing an article I wrote on ranking up and skill sets in CS:GO. Aside from the concrete facts (such as working on your aim), I also take a psychological approach based on potential behavior patterns from you, your teammates, or your enemies. I can’t cover every single one, but I do try and give a few examples.

Obviously, there’s no need for mind games if the strategies you’re using are working, or if a trade opens up a site. But, I think it’s important we at least acknowledge that there’s a psychological component to this game we’ve played and enjoyed for so long.

I also try to go more into detail about each topic instead of just saying have this or that. So instead of just saying have good aim, it’s important to understand what’s actually behind it, e.g. movement and spray, as well as game sense that gives you the opportunity to shoot or partake in an encounter the first place.

Another example goes back to learning how to spray and how often times, early on, it sort of conditions us to automatically shoot down (ex. in a competitive match). But, if we try to condition ourselves to shoot for the head first and then shoot down, in a smooth and continuous process, we might be able to correct that.

Anyways, here’s the article and if you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, feel free to share it. It is a bit long so I do apologize in advance :). Thanks.

How To Rank Up Fast in CS:GO [Top 5 Ways] (Gamersdecide)