Problem of spoofing SteamID


Solving the problem of spoofing SteamID on CS:S, CS:GO. New RevEmu!
20 Sep 2019

Not that long ago, Anonymous fulfilled his childhood dream and cracked the RevEmu emulator, which provides Counter-Strike: Source and Global Offensive work without the Steam client. Send our congratulations to him. However, this considerably added huge inconvenience to administration of most servers.

About SteamID Spoofer

In the beginning of the 2019, a SteamID Spoofer for CS: Source appeared on the network and posted on GitHub with open source. The program allowed players to change their unique identifier, thereby bypassing the bans and hacking the admin panel. Later, Steam ID Changer released, which could do the same things, but with CS: GO.

Using the program is simple: type in the console command for automatic or manual change of Steam_ID and connect to the server. Thereby you can simply change “SteamID” and avoid of the ban, which you’ve got on server for example, Video of how easy to do here…

Problem Solution

Server owners should:

  1. Update the emulator on your server by replacing the steamclient.dll file or in the bin folder. If the server is on a Linux platform, then upgrade it. To do this, go to the bin folder and rename the original file to, then add the emulator file.

  2. Add in [GameServer] section of rev.ini config:

Check_Ticket = True Allow_Fail_Check = False Check_Ticket_Async = True

Players can simply start 7Launcher and press the button «Check Update» to be able to play on servers with new emulator. In our clients of CS:S and CS:GO there is the last update already, which prevents the vulnerability used before to spoof SteamID.

New version of RevEmu emulator from 08/16/2019


• Implemented new anti-spoofing protection;

• Fixed bug creating “ghost players” overflowing servers;

• Added support for working on new hard drives and NVMe SSD;

• Added support for new Steam interfaces for stable games working;

• Fixed lags when connecting players to the server;

• Fixed working with CS 1.6;

• Optimized check ticket, correcting server lags.