Profile stolen, now game ban


Yesterday, 04/06/2018 i opened the pc and steam, but I was strange becouse steam was logout and of course I tried to log in with my credentials but they did’n t work, then I tried to do the password recovery with my mobile steam authenticator, but also on my smartphone my account steam was logout, not knowing what to do I was going to recover the credentials my authenticator, but I find out that the email of the accoount has been changed!
Cheking my email inbox i discovered that someone with this ip: from Russia had tryed sucesufully the login!
Thats incredible becouse i live in Italy.

After that i was shocked, all my library, all my steam account was under the hands of someone unknow (an hacker probalbly). And i was out.
I had contact the steam assistance opening a ticket, i provide my purchase with some screenshoot of my pasysafecard transaction and keys bought on hrk and kinguin, today the assistance answered me with the recovery links and password, now i have done again the login but my profile is game banned, the guy who stolen my personal information had used Counter:Strike Global Offensive and i don’t know how in less than 1 day he maked a game ban in my profile.

I opened a new ticket for know why i have to pay if i am the victim, my account was compromise yesterday, then it’s not my fault.
I’m a big fan of CSGO and it is the most played game on my account, please there is someway to remove this game-ban?
Someone stole my personal data i am the victim,i have also provided the screenshots of the e-mails with these strange accesses and now i’m waiting for an answer from the Steam assistance.
I put the screenshoot to provide the unknown access in this e-mail too

This is my steam account:
This is the number of the ticket opened for the recovery of the account when it was compromise : HT-WMD2-JDV5-HT63
This is the number of the ticked opened for the game ban itself: HT-D3TG-XB98-9FG8

Thank you for the help