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ServerBlend began life as HostASpace, which was created in 2014 with the aim of providing quality specialist game servers. A goal we have achieved and grown from strength to strength into a fully fledged hosting company. Since inception as HostASpace, our infrastructure has been upgraded several times to ensure servers provided are running on the best hardware and software available, we upgrade when we see that performance and reliability for you can be increased! As HostASpace, we saw hosts providing for all the games they could, but didn’t know half about the games they were providing for. Therefore we started on the mission to provide a specialist service for Space-related games and other specially selected games. Giving us the ability to provide everyone with top quality support, high-performance game servers for an incredible price on select games. Fast forward to 2016 and HostASpace has been re-branded to ServerBlend to be able to offer a wider range of services, but continuing a high level of training for our staff to keep with our original aim of providing a specialist service. We are very excited to see the future of ServerBlend, more game servers, Teamspeak 3 servers, dedicated servers, web hosting, VPS servers and more all coming in the future. We are now poised to make a real impact in the hosting market.

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Hosting is a big problem in some games. For example CS: GO, Minecraft, and all the RTS games. For example, it is very hard to host a server in Minecraft. I like playing it with my friends, but it is hard to find a good host. Now we use https://ggservers.com and we hope it is good. The main problem is that the game doesn’t give you the possibility to create a server, and you need to find a lot of intermediate programs that help you. I don’t think this is normal in such a popular game. The multiplayer is good and interesting but it is not comfortable.


May be tournament?