Questionnaire for Bachelor Project: Gambling motivation with CS:GO skins


Hello CS:GO Community!

I am currently studying at IT University of Copenhagen in Digital Media and Design and need your help to fill in my questionnaire.

My project will be focusing on the items used in the CS:GO community, and the players who have been involved in skin-betting sites online. The project will investigate some of the motivational factors behind skin-betting and how it revolves around Esports.

I hope I can take a few minutes (approximately 3-5 min) of your time to answer a few questions in the survey. Your data in the survey will remain anonymous. However, if you are interested in arranging an interview you can fill in your email, but it is not required. :slight_smile:


Thanks for participating!


Responded, have you had a good level of response on your questionnaire out of interest?


Thanks for participating. I have decent 25 respondents so far, while basically all of them were males answering. The answers to the questions varied a lot in terms of how much time they spent playing/watching csgo and gamble with skins. However, there were also different opinions on how important the factors were to them, whereas escapism in terms of relaxing and escape real life problems was the least likely motive factor for people to gamble.