Random skins are safe?


Hi, I have one problem. Last night one man spamed this link: https://www.g2a.com/r/10_awp_skins and I would like to bouy it. Skins from g2a are safe? G2a is registred in Hong Kong, so i dont what think about it? Anyone bought there skins or anything else? I read on other forums different opinions. But nobody say about skins cs go. thx 4 opinions


g2a have always been good for buying CD Keys etc. @vito has shares in them! hahaha


thx 4 reply @Vertex I’ll try. Maybe in the new year I’ll be lucky and I get something cool.
Happy New Year 4 everyone :smiley:


No Worries, also Kinguin is a very cool platform to check out: http://www.kinguin.net/


thanks, this is the same like g2a?


More of a Market Place I believe :slight_smile:


Today I decided and bought one 5 random packs.
1x BOOm :smiley:
1x Pit Viper
3x Safari Mesh
Not bad :dancer: